Highlight line

Is there already a simple way to toggle a curve on ( such as highlight) to use in referencing in drawing but not making it active?

Unless I misunderstand what you want to do, SmartTrack is supposed to provide this functionality. Have you tried this and find it lacking something?

Thanks for the response and i will investigate that. When you toggle a curve active , becomes highlighted in yellow. How can it be highlighted but not active? That would be for some visual help in other cuevw construction

OK, that is something else, I guess.
You could make a macro to temporarily move a curve to a layer with a special color and then back…

Yes a temp move could work, but some steps. Kind of what lock does in a fast way , but hightlighted. Thanks again

I’ll watch my spelling.

I usually just set the color of references to stand out a bit, or hide everything except the reference objects and working objects. But I constantly wish I could leave an object highlighted for reference, because when high-lit the object isn’t just a bright color, but it’s wireframe displays in front of all the other objects. You could change the display color for locked objects in Options/Appearance/Colors to the same value as selected objects, but they won’t pop when then locked, the way they do when selected, if there is a forest of stuff in front of them in the view you want.

I support your wish for a “Highlight” command that will make objects visible through intervening objects without making them active.

With curves you can do this, somewhat, with BringToFront - just remember to ClearDrawOrder when you’re done.


Thank you