Highlight faces on limited selection

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I got e very specific question. I would like to achieve the following combination: turn off the isocurve-display on selecting objects while the selected faces are highlighted - which I partly already accomplished, due to a hint in this forum. But this works only for polysurface selection. As soon as I limited the selection to single faces, only the edges are highlighted but not the faces:


As soon as the selection is limited to faces the result looks like this:

Maybe there is a command option similar to the one I found here to toggle the isocurve display for selection ("-_Properties _Object _ShowIsocurves _No _EnterEnd" and “-_Properties _Object _ShowIsocurves _Yes _EnterEnd”).

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Thomas - so shade-highligting does not work for sub objects - I am not surprised, I’ll see if we can get that fixed, thanks for the report.
RH-68444 Display: Shade-highligthing does not work on sub-objects



thank you so much for that quick response!

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