Higher anti-aliasing than 8x


In games my gpu can handle higher anti-aliasing – but in rhino its limited to 8x. is it possible to force a higher anti-aliasing (through the nvidia control panel or hidden settings)?

I am hoping this isn’t a geforce/quadro openGL/DX thing again. If it is, would buying a Quadro (rtx 4000) enable, let’s say 32x anti-aliasing, in rhino 5 and 6 ?


In the NVidia driver, I think you can set a Rhino profile that lets the card override the Rhino AA settings…

sadly no.


Hello - my p4000 is also limited to 8x. I believe the developer would tell you the performance hit of going any higher in a program like Rhino is not worth the slight gains.


thanks for looking this up.

I understand that it’s a bit overkill but I still would see the performance hit myself :wink:
but if it’s not possible it’s not possible.

one question though: did you try to change it with the rhino settings or the driver?

It’s no problem running Rhino 6 at 64x AA with modern nvidia cards, but you have to do as Mitch said, set up custom profile for Rhino 6 in the nvidia drivers.

thanks holo,

is a

custom profile for Rhino 6 in the nvidia driver

something different than what I posted in post #3?

it is under nvidia control panel > manage 3d settings > program settings > rhino6

Hm, strange, what card do you have?
I can set my old 750m to 32x:

And here is the result even though Rhino shows 2x:

And here when the driver is at default with no overrides and Rhino is at native 2x:

EDIT: Hm… that wasn’t much difference… :smiley: I’ll investigate later when I have time.

well, the two pictures looking kinda similar to me :wink:

btw: gpu in question is a 2080ti.

Differences shown in red below based on https://online-image-comparison.com :slight_smile:

I don’t know why Nvidia doesn’t allow to change it in it’s current drivers :upside_down_face:

Just to go completly nuts with this: https://orbmu2k.de/tools/nvidia-inspector-tool
be careful –

more aa settings than you ever could hope for:

I am still testing but it seems as some of them really change the aa- and 32x looks amazing!
@holo I think viewToFile doesn’t work; at least for me 32aa does’t show up in my file

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