High res capture quality


I notice that when I use Viewcapture or what not to try to get a ‘high res’ Neon image, a lot of the time the result is not close to complete, not enough passes. Is there a workaround? I’ve got some big renders due this week where the speed difference over Brazil is astronomical.


AFAIK: You have to wait for the “small” view to reach the desired number of passes BEFORE you run -ViewCaptureToFile. Not intuitive, and a waist of time, but it got the job done.


I also recommend using a floating viewport with a small, fixed size for this, so you don’t have to wait longer than needed. And if you have it at 1/10 of the pixel size then you have approximately 1/100 of the render time, so you can estimate when the final render will be done.

(And if you put it in a script then you can make it calculate an estimate and predict when it will be done, and sound an alarm when done too. )
SO I am checking it out now.

Second EDIT:
I found no way to check how far Neon has come with the render.
I can call up windows and check how much CPU Rhino is using, and continue to do so until if falls below x%, but I think that is a bit overkill for your need right now.

Good luck on the job!


I’m giving it a try, from how long it’s taking so far(and it’s now popped up a progess bar, not sure if that’s a good sign or not)it’s certainly doing more passes, I could have sworn I had tried that before without consistent luck, but a lot of things can cause Neon to refresh and maybe I don’t notice.


I was on the couch with a bad back last night so I spent a few hours making a script, but I could not find a consistent multiplier for size vs time, but you can have the script if you like. What resolutions are your final renderings in?


I’m okay, waiting for the ‘preview’ to finish is working. Well mostly, I’m randomly having the 3000px square images come out half or quarter blank.


Well, I managed to find a pretty good estimate, at least for my laptop and my test scenes. I don’t know how it will work out on your system. Give it a go if you like.

It uses the Neon settings as they are, so if you only want 10 passes then you have to set that first.
Then it makes a preview, and then renders to clipboard. I can rewrite it so it renders to file of course.

IT MEASURES THE CPU to be able to determine when the preview is done, so it will not work properly if you do heavy work on the computer while the preview is being calculated.

And it uses the currently active view. The default size is 1920x1080. It does not remember you previous size, so rewrite the script if you want.

NeonRenderToClipboard.py (3.4 KB)