High DPI Support(5K display Support)

Now, the largest icon on the toolbar is 32x32 pixels, but this looks terrible on a 5k monitor. My monitor resolution is about 5120x2880, which is consistent with iMac 27 inch 5K, but the edges of the toolbar icons look very blurry. I used a 225% zoom. I don’t know if this is related to it, but I think the toolbar icon size should be at least 48x48px.

As a comparison
The Rhino For Mac icon is so clear and sharp

Detail comparison

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Try using an integral multiple for magnification ie: 200%. Power of 2 is best: 200%, 400%, 800% etc. I’m not sure, but I think 200% is the largest available.

In fact ,Windows Resource DPI are,72,96,120,144,192,240. Not intergral multiple.