Hiding unwanted edges and seams

I’ve created a muntin using Sweep1. When I view the object in Monochrome (or any display mode where edges are turned on) I see the seam where the sweep started. However I dont want to see this in my final image, or construction document.

Similarly I often want to create custom display modes that are rendered or arctic, but still show edges for clarity. But when looking at curved or cylindrical objects I see that unwanted seam.

Is there any way that I can hide this digital construction seam whilst showing the edges that are going to define the object in the real world?

Hello- you should be able to get these by turning off Edges

in the Display panel.


Turning off edges also hides much of the detail that I want to show in my construction drawings, in this example the profile of the muntin and the edge of the trim.

Previously to get around this I have just run the ‘Make2D’ command and then deleted the small seam lines that I wanted to remove, but of course I’m hoping that there is some way that I can do this ‘live’.

A real world example being a layout detail view of a horizontal section of the window assembly. In arctic/monochrome with edges turned on you see both the physical edges of the woodwork and the digital sweep seam. Would love to be able to hide that seam from the client and carpenters, without having to make 2D and losing the rendering shadows.

(PS it’s a movie set window, hence the weird construction)