Hiding selected edges in Details in Layout _ One for the Wish List

It would be fantastic to be able to hide selected edges in details within Layout. Sometimes the surface edge lines add a lot of confusion within draughting as unwanted lines can very easily be misinterpreted. I am aware that other software has the function.

Hi Ian - I know this is not the same, but V6 display modes allow toggling tangent edges-

It might help some, for now.


Thank you Pascal, This function will help a lot with my drawings and is a fantastic addition to the software.

Might the added function of choosing which ones are affected be implemented in the final release?

Hi Ian - I will add this to the pile, but I am not very confident that this can be done in the V6 release - but, you never know, I’ve been wrong before… Why, just last night I was wrong, in fact.



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I’ve been wondering about that one. In your original post you mention that this would be useful for drafting. In my mind it would be more confusing of lines that should be there are manually removed. For illustrations that would be something else but for making production drawings?
As with Pascal, it isn’t all that long ago that I was proven wrong. . .