Hiding layer on save


I regularly have a bunch of larger files linked into a working file with blocks (not embedded, just linked). Is there a command / macro I could add to the save action, which would hide a specific layer (in my case “References”), so that Rhino does not generate all those meshes everytime I open the file?

Or am I approaching this in a wrong way? Should I be using Worksessions, etc?


Hi David -
It sounds like you don’t always want/need to work with the data from the linked files when you open your model, and, as such, I’d say that a worksession is the way to go here.

That said, you can create a simple macro that you assign to a button, a keyboard key, or command alias that hides a specific file, saves the file, and exits Rhino:

-Layer Off “Layer 02” EnterEnd Save Exit


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Thanks Wim, exactly what I was looking for!