Hiding/greying out unsupported render settings

Since we are now trying to use the Rhino UI as much as possible, rather than creating custom UI for all our settings, controls and workflows, we have the issue that although we can add settings to the bottom of the Rhino Renderer settings tab, a number of the controls on that form are not relevant to our renderer. Is there some way to grey them out to make this clear to the user?

Hi again, are there any examples for how to grey out unwanted parts of the render settings? I seem to remember that it was brought up in one of our face-to-face meetings.


Override Rhino.PlugIns.RenderPlugIn.RenderSettingsSections.

When you call the base class, you will get a list of UUIDs - those uuids are the various sections that are included in the rendering panel. If you exclude them from the list that you return in your override, they will not appear when your renderer is current.

  • Andy

It worked, thanks. A list of the IDs (in the C# SDK docs) would be awesome, but simple experimentation worked well enough.