Hideswap: seperate sets in model space and layouts

Hi. I think it would be a good idea to detach hide-sets in model views from the layout hide sets.

Hi Anika - you might be able to make something workable using the dash version of Hide and Show and using the named buckets system

! _Hide _Pause "LayoutSet"


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mh yeah. i rather meant: if you do a the hideswap command without dash in modelspace it translates to paperspace. with dash i would have to script everytime i hideswap/isolate something in modelspace and paperspace alike.
i see no reason in keeping it that way, only confuses imho.
guess best would be:
hideswap in modelspace hides the model in modelspace and within a details, but doesnt touch the layout it self.
hideswap in layout should hide the complete detail and linework in layout space but not touch the modelspace config.