HideDims and HideCurves and HideDimsCurves are these possible?

rather than have to find all my dims layers and turn them off, I wish to HideDims in one simple go.
HideCurves Likewise just to see the solids I need to do the same to curves used to make the solids.

Ideally HideDimsCurves would be a third great one., all done in one button.

Obviously with right click show option on the button for all these three.

go from a working view to clean view in one click.
This would be a real time saver.
I had a screenshare and no time to tidy up as such, very unpro !

Takes ages either selecting and running hide, or finding layers and turning off, then running turn off layer for selected trouble with that is I might have solids and curves on same layer !


Hello - please see Help on making macros and scripted commands - you should be able to put any of the ones you’ve described using

SelDim, SelCrv and Hide


Hi Pascal,
Code and me don’t mix, it may as well be egyptian at times.
If anyone says write code my brain scurries away to a dark corner.

If someone cares to write it for a button, or three, we could all use it.

I reckon they are very useful and should be there by default.


It sounds as though you’ve been pretty organised and got things sorted neatly into layers. If that’s so, wouldn’t layer state manager allow you to achieve what you want?

looking at such, I don’t see an option to hide dims, or curves.

if some one could write me the code to use with a button, I would be really glad, and others might find such also useful.


Just set the layers with those showing the dims and curves ‘off’, then save that as a layer state. Save another with the layers set for modelling or whatever you want to do. Rename the states to something meaningful.

I have dims in many layers, I always (or try to) have a layer named DIMS for ‘name of object’.
I am forever adding layers and DIMS layers, so firstly having to find all my DIMS layers is going to take ages, then the LSM will be out of date as soon as I create another DIMS layer.

SelDim does it.