Hide source light surface visibility in reflections?

Hello, I try several options without issues.
In a point a view in a room (closed) I had to add source light to illuminate my room.
Using rectangular light, point light, or a plane with emissive, I obtain the lighting I would, but a mirror in my room reflect the light emissive surface (white rectangle or point)
Is there a way to only keep the light visible, but NOT the source surface of it?

Thanks for your help

What renderer are you using? For cycles raytracing you need to attack this more the way you would in actual photography, there aren’t a bazillion options to override the prosperities things at every level like more old-school renderers. So you’d maybe do a second pass for the mirror with the lights off or moved out of the shot. I take it you haven’t actually modeled light fixtures that you can just realistically have in the mirror?

@JimCarruthers only wish to use Rhino render mode or Cycles, do not want to change of software… only for a quick exit of images, without compositing work.
Only wish to know if I miss a visibility options in object properties, to hide geometry of lights sources.
Light is just for me a way to obtain good lighting in my room.

At the moment there is no way to control ray visibility. In the future we may have that (rhino 8 or later), but not with Rhino 7.