Hide slab lines

Is it possible to hide certain lines in the plan view, when I switch between different types of floors / ceilings, I see a line that has no meaning in the architectural plan

Hi @11170,

Are you partitioning the slab to get different textures? If the answer is yes, this is not BIM-friendly, as the bottom slab is supposed to be a single object.

If you want different textures, I recommend you to create different planar surfaces on top of the beam, and then, if you don’t want the line to be visible on a plan view, just set their print width to “No print”, so they won’t be printed or shown in Plan view objects.



Hi, thanks for the quick reply, you the best
The change in the floor is not as a result of a change in flooring but as a result of a change in the thickness of the concrete between the columns,
If I understand your suggestion correctly I need to change the mode to “do not print” every time I move from section to plan, because in the sections I do want to see the flooring.

Hi @11170,

This suggestion was made in case you were splitting the slab in order to change the flooring texture. If you need to split it in order to change its thickness, I suggest that you use a different vaSlab for the flooring, which seems to be continuous, so that you will not get that lines in your plan views.

I did not understand, how can I create a thickness change in the concrete without a break in the flooring, you mean two floorings on top of each other?

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Yes, the bottom one would be the slab itself and, on top of it, the flooring.