Hide/Show objects from component without output


(John Robinson) #1

Dear sir Andrew

a question about Human UI,

there is a way to hide/show a component in the UI Window, like the Custom Peview, Vector Display, Display Dots or Text Tag component, that have no output to connect with “GetConnected Objects”?

Best regards

(Andrew Heumann) #2

Metahopper offers a number of ways to get a “reference” to an object beyond “Get Connected Objects.” One pattern I’m fond of is using “Get Objects in Group” - just put that component in a group with the preview component in question (you may have to hit “update” for it to see the object) and then you can hide/show it programmatically with Human UI or any other data source. Does that help?

(Sonny Weaver) #3

You are a genius, thanks sir Andrew.

Problem solved!!!

Best Regards