Hide Object in Section View

Hi All,

Is there a method to hide a regular rhino polysurface object (or any other non-VisualARQ object) in a section view?

For example, if I have some mesh objects as entourage, but don’t want them to show up in an elevation of the building, is there a way I could consistently hide them to generate the section but keep them in the model?

Thanks for your help!

maybe it can be done with this plugin

@Clayton_Muhleman You can use the layer visibility by Detail in page layouts. This is gonna work either if you use 2D Section views (vaSectionView command) or real-time section views of the model. The behavior is also the same with Rhino geometry and VisualARQ objects.

If you need this in the Model space, in the case of 2D section views, you can explode them, and hide/delete the lines of the object you want to hide/remove.

Ah, gotcha. I was imagining the ability to tell visualarq to completely ignore any object when making a section view. This would be similar to how you can with visualarq objects (Display → Plan Visiblity → Hidden), except for regular polysurfaces and curves, etcetera. This solves any occlusion issues, if you have an object (like a tree or fence) hiding the building in elevation.

Seems like there’s plenty of workarounds for this one, including keeping those items on a specific layer and hiding them before vaUpdate. Thanks for your help!

Hi @Clayton_Muhleman,

You can also set the Print Width to “No Print”.