Hide a single object from a Block in a Viewport

This may be a long shot, but it never hurts to ask.

Is there a way to “HideInDetail” a single object in a block or can I only hide the entire block in a detail? I know how to use subobject select to get a subobject’s GUID but,

scriptcontext.doc.Objects.Hide(part, True)

does not successfully hide the object.

I know how to turn off a layer in a detail, but would like to be able to have even more control of what I show in my viewports.


Hi @NavArch,

Not that I know of. How about hiding by layer?

– Dale

Thats what I feared.
I can hide by layer just fine, but was hoping that with the additional subobject selection features in Rhino 6 there might have been a way to hide by object too.