Hidden textures/colours

Hi guys,

So I have this toilet bowl that I want to use in my scene. I’ve deleted all materials from it and purged the model. However, I’m still seeing some textures and colours in rendered view.

Can someone explain what is happening please and provide a way to remove these ‘hidden’ textures/colours.

A few months ago @Jarek kindly provided a visual basic script to remove mesh vertex colours when I had issues with mesh models washed out in my scene. Is this a similar scenario?

Please see file here:
Sapho Ego 01.0.3dm (10.1 MB)

Thanks in advance for any help.


There are still legacy materials in use. I guess them not showing up is a bug - @johnc will know better about that.

To fix with this:

  • _SelAll
  • open object properties panel, and from there the material subpanel
  • uncheck Plug-in, UI will change in the panel
  • select from the new dropdown Default Material
  • _Purge

Now you should have a nice, clean geometry and no longer lingering legacy materials in your file.

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Yes, they are very legacy materials and the behavior is by design. The materials were created by a non-RDK-compliant plug-in. They don’t show up as usual because they are not RDK-compliant materials. They are shown with this plug-In check box for backward compatibility and to allow you to turn them into real RDK materials.


Ahhhhh. I see. Thanks for explaining.