Hidden Level Cut GEO still visible

When I toggle my level cut planes - via the Level tab, I get reference geometry to the cut geometry represented as a curve outline. This is super distracting and I have no idea how to turn this off and I suspect this is an issue with the VisARQ plugin + Rhino + god know what on my end.

To note, When in Shaded view and I rotate my camera, I find that certain angles remove the geometry, but once I zoom in close or hit a certain angle, the geo is visible again. The VisualARQ displays are all banged up too with this same issue present.

Any insight into this problem would be appreciated so I can start troubleshooting.

Hi Shane,
That happens because you have the “Reference Level” icon activated of other levels. Just need to turn it off.


This button displays the plan view of a level projected on the current construction plane. It is quite useful when you work in Top view, and you want to know the position of objects in upper or hidden levels.

I have a feeling that I asked this same question only a year ago……shucks!

I see what you mean, and it makes total sense as to why it is a feature. I need to test it out for its intended use, because it sounds very useful……if used properly.



Hi Francesc,

I am still seeing the ghost geo when using sections or level cuts on Rhino geometry. As far as I know, the toggle is deselected for showing the “Level Reference”.

Am I still missing a setting or something here? BTW, this is VisualArq for Rhino 7 that I am showing a reference from.

Thank you.

Hi Shane,
I may require the 3dm file to figure out what’s happening. Can you send it to visualarq@asuni.com?

Hi Shane,
I’ve got your model. However, I haven’t been able to reproduce this graphic issue.

I don’t think this has to do with the “Level Reference” option in the Level Manager but something with the graphic card.
If you switch off and on the levels, does the problem persist?
If you turn all levels on and section the model with a Rhino clipping plane do you get the same issue?