Hidden Display Mode must have a Hidden Control for Section Fill Display?

After much experimenation I’ve found that Hidden display mode has been consistent for displaying Clipped fills. At least for the past couple of months.

But recently default-settings-restored Hidden Mode has given inconsistent results in this respect with the same project, in different sessions.

This may be because of a setting which doesn’t restore with “Restore Defaults”. (I have discovered at least one of the settings - Shading - doesn’t respond to “restore defaults” for Hidden, Conceptual, and Realistic Modes. Maybe there’s another.)

Advice requested.

Hi David,

Take into account that “Hidden”, “Conceptual” and “Realistic” display modes are created by VisualARQ and they cannot be changed. Any change in the display mode will be lost the next time you start a new Rhino session. This behavior is required by VisualARQ because they need to have specific settings in order to work correctly.


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Thanks. It turns out that I was looking at a layout with a clipping plane active, not a Va Level Cut plane. The latter always shows fills, but the former doesn’t.

There’s no way to create a VaSection which looks down on a project, is there? I want to jog the plan cutplane sometimes…

@djhg, jogged plan views is already in our wishlist. So we will keep you posted if there are news on this development.