'Hidden' display mode - less parameters than before?

It looks like the Hidden display mode is not sporting any shading options anymore. (I suppose since 2.12, where you introduced saving changes of VA display modes.)
Is this correct?
However, I often used a changed ‘Hidden’ version, with color shading (raster output). Looked quite nice for graphical renderings. Which other display mode would you recommend now instead? Conceptual?

Edit: ah yes… do you think you can add support for intersection lines, like in the ‘Technical’ display mode? That’s really missing.
Thanks again!

Hi @Eugen,

Yes, “Hidden” display mode is a special display mode, that doesn’t draw the shaded part of the objects and draws the silhouettes.

“Conceptual” or “Realistic” will work for you, as they are just like the “Hidden” because they draw the silhouettes, but also draw the shaded part. The difference between them is that “Conceptual” uses the display color, and “Realistic” the render material. Both display modes draw all silhouettes and edges in black, but you can change this.

It’s on the list!! I’ll add your vote.



Allright, thanks!
However, I sure the ‘old’ Hidden mode had shading parameters as well. Maybe it was better to remove them, so that the viewport display does not ‘promise’ things that the vector printed output cannot deliver.

Since we are at it: Vector fills would be desirable, too, as would vector drop shadows… =D

ArchiCAD (should you know it - pretty common in Europe, and definitely in Austria) has a pretty good vector engine that can do these things. Don’t wanna use it. Wanna use Rhino/VA… ; }