Hi-res export Rhino tiling issue? RAM limitations?

Hi All,

I am currently trying to export a 5000 x 3500 resolution image from Rhino. The problem is that upon closer inspection of the exported image, I get some tiling issues. Is this symptomatic of insufficient RAM? Or is there another reason to this? I understand this is a large resolution, however Rhino shouldn’t have issues exporting large file sizes. I am also struggling to find the correct terminology for this issue other than tiling. If anyone has in experience with this problem or info, I would greatly appreciate any insight. Thanks!

Hi BP - how are you exporting? what command? Looks like anti-aliasing, or lack of… - does this show in the full size native resolution image or only on images that are crunched to display on a smaller screen?


I am using the “-ViewCapturetoFile” command to export. I initially thought it was an anti-aliasing problem with scaling, but when viewing the image in its native resolution, the problem persists. When I export at a lower resolution I do not have this issue which is why I am guessing it may have to do with RAM?