Hi guys, i need help. can you please help me to make lines between those points. (refer to attached image.). appreciate your help. thanks!

connect points_001.gh (35.5 KB)

connect points_001_re.gh (40.7 KB)


thank you so much @HS_Kim!

Some of the curves along the edges are overlapped which causes problems connecting them.

connect points_2020Nov25a.gh (44.1 KB)

Hi @HS_Kim and @Joseph_Oster , is it possible to create a surface and extrude those line we connected? can you please help me. please refer to image. thanks

You are running into all sorts of challenges :slight_smile:

The grid you provided isn’t nicely aligned.

Generally it would be better to start with a surface, divide it and create a clean network of lines.

The beams can be done in many ways. I trimmed the lines and used two planes per beam, resulting in a straight but twisted beam for those that are at an angle. You might want a curved beam without twist.

The solution is dependent on a lot of decisions. Maybe you want as many beams as possible to be equal, or all possible nodes equal?

20_11_26_triangular_grid_beam_connector.gh (53.1 KB)

PS: a title should be short, for example “Problem with triangular grid and connectors”

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Thank you very much @martinsiegrist for the solution you made. Yes you are right. Actually i want all my nodes to be equal as possible. But sometimes. The geometry creates some clashing. Then i starting adjusting some nodes into bigger one.

Here’s another approach which would work nicely with sheet metal connectors.

20_11_26_triangular_grid_beam_connector.gh (38.0 KB)