HFrames does not work for vertical Curve

Dear all,
I met an issue with Hframes command in Grasshopper
When I input a curve as inclined Curve, Hframes works fine.
But when I input curve as vertical Line, There’s empty plane output

I really need to have Hframes for vertical curves for my using, any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

The problem is HFrames uses the curve tangent projected to the world XY plane to pick the x-axis direction of the frame. Given this x and the vertical z, the y direction can then be determined. However when the curve is horizontal, the tangent projects down to a zero-length vector, which has no direction.

If you want horizontal planes, you’ll have to decide what orientation they ought to be in as there is no automatic way to do so.

You can create horizontal planes using the XY component, and feed in your desired origin points. You can then rotate or orient the planes if you want different axis directions.

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