HEY, Could this design that consists of this concept be made in grasshoper?

TICKET OFFICE.3dm (220.6 KB)



This question was weird, i know it is can be done, but the problem is HOW?

Indeed, have a look here.

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got it

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Not complicated
You can do one side (left side up on the drawing) with sweep rail, and then mirror on Y axis
And then the part below if you want it will be a second mirror as well. on Z axis.

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I am trying to do that now, thank you man <3

Sounds weird and a bit harsh, but it may also help you to learn Nurbs modelling first. Just by looking at your picture I can see that you don’t know much about it. Very often people ask how can you do this or that, but they just fail because they don’t understand modelling basics. Or even worse they drastically overcomplicate things in Grasshopper due to lacking it. If you can model such shape in Rhino (in a clean way) , you might be able to reproduce it in Grasshopper.

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Thanks for your care firstly :slight_smile: I am going to improve myself in this plug-in, and your words encouraged me more than enough. Good work!