Hexagonal with different order

Hello everyone,
I’m currently working on a hexagonal structure with different orders, as illustrated in the figure below. My work is being done in Grasshopper, but I’ve reached a stage where I need to join multiple curves together to form a single polyline. Following this, I aim to offset this polyline to create a certain thickness for the structure. I would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to proceed with these steps or any advice on formulating my approach more effectively.
Thank you in advance for your help!

hexagonal with different order.gh (17.8 KB)

I see you’re already using Clipper plugin :+1:

if you are planning to give the lines a thickness, then I wouldn’t worry too much about trimming them to avoid overlappping, as I guess you might region-them-out more easily using Clipper?

for instance:




you can go on forever… :slight_smile:

by the way, in this file I’m using the Clipper2 plugin (you can find it in Packagemanager)
hexagonal_things_inno.gh (20.0 KB)

I guess you can also also loop this using Anemone for instance:

hexagonal_things_inno_anemone_loop.gh (19.9 KB)

@inno Thank you for your help. Your work seems so right, but I’m having a problem with the Grasshopper files. I keep getting error messages about missing plugins, even after I tried downloading them. The same errors pop up every time I open the files. Can you guide me on what to do next?

He is working surely with Rhino 8 and you Rhino 7
And Clipper2

use PackageManager to upload Clipper2. Then you can open on Rh7.


@laurent_delrieu @inno

Thank you for your assistance. I followed your suggestions and installed the necessary plugins through the package manager, even ensuring I got the manual version to match. However, I’m still facing the same error messages when I open the Grasshopper files. What should I try next?

Update Rhino 7 !! The message means Clipper will work with Rhino version >= 7.35.

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I don’t know :slight_smile: both the files I have posted work fine in my pc… V7 SR37 (7.37.24004.15001, 2024-01-04)

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