Hexagonal shape with rounded corners

How can we create a hexagonal shape with varying UV sizes and a corner radius from points and curves in GH?

Do you mean something like this:

Use a standard attractor technique by varying the hex size based on the distance from a specific point:


This technique I know. Maybe, my question was not clear.

I want to make a hexagonal shape from points, of which I can vary UV sizes and the corner radius. I want to use this shape, extrude it and use it as the element in my pattern where I place it on intersection points (ref: Automotive grille parametric modelling-Alias/Grasshopper)

The time it has taken you to write your question is less than the time it takes for the rest to understand what you want, and it should always be the other way around. If you don’t know the key terms, use images, be clear and descriptive. Remember that we are not in your mind, and the easier you make it for others, the better answers you will get.

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Yes, this I understand. The method above will work for the grill definition.

Is it not clear on how to apply this to the grill? What is the behavior of the hex sizing you want specifically? Can you sketch an example?

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 5.55.36 PM
In the attached pictures, you can see what exactly I would like to model. It is not a regular Hex, it is a bit flattened hexagon with a small fillet. To define this in GH using basic components like points and curve is what I would like to know.

Regarding the sizes- like in the sketch, flattened hex has S1 and S2 and r. I would like to control these parameters directly or indirectly.

Really just do it like doing it manually…

  • Create grid

  • Create lines in between the points

  • Rebuild to 4 cp of degree 3

  • Move inner points equally a bit to the outside to crown the curve

  • Trim the curve to equally blend in between

  • Blend with G2 each of the curves.

  • Start to build surfaces. (This will be more challenging, since you lack multiple tools, but maybe just ask again, once you are that point…)

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I am stuck after step 3.

How am I going control the sizes and radius?

There are lots of ways to do this. This example draws the hexes at a base size with no fillet. Then Scales the hexagons based on distance from attractor. Then applies the fillets.


Yes, the size variation is good. But, Here there is an Array of hexagons. I just want to make a single hex with the parameters. This would be my base element. Please see my other post.

Hexagonal.gh (10.7 KB)


Yes, thats pretty good. The component says cluster, and it has many GH components. How did you create it??

The process looks like this: https://academy.archistar.ai/how-to-define-and-use-clusters-in-grasshopper

IrregularHexagon_re.gh (9.5 KB)


I am getting an error here.

Disable “Draw Full Names”(Display -->Draw Full Names) Or change input names fr “Variable x(Variable y)” to “x(y)”


crownedHexes.gh (20.1 KB)

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Try this as well

hex.gh (6.0 KB)


here I tried to make a copy of what you see in the video I hope will help you with your project. :grin:

rejilla.gh (32.0 KB)

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