Hexagon surfaces with independent horizontal segments

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create some surfaces derived from a hexagon grid on a surface.
The extrusions of all horizontal segments would be differentiated (individually controlled/ series / ranged/ attractors).
The resulting dimensions of all diagonal segments are dependent on these horizontals.

I think I’m almost there except I’m having trouble connecting these diagonal segments highlighted in the attached image.

Any help is appreciated


diagonalsurface001EXMT_Hex03.gh (17.1 KB)
EXMT_Hex03.3dm (165.2 KB)

found it a bit difficult to recreate the look. So if it’s important to you, that each horizontal line is extruded with one value, you can have a look at this. I also added the last bottom row. It got a bit messy, but I think I could solve your problem. This Definition could be simplified a lot.

EXMT_Hex_1.gh (21.0 KB)

If you want a smoother solution you can take a look at this. Just a simple attractor. You also can combine the two definitions.

EXMT_Hex_2.gh (10.2 KB)

I hope I could help you.

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Hi Tim,

This works, thank you!