Hex cells after Remove dup lines?

dumb question What is the way to recuperate the initials hex cells after apply remove duplicate lines?

after remove dup lines.gh (6.7 KB)

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Do you mean like this, to identify indexed items from the list without duplicates?

after remove dup lines.gh (10.9 KB)
I can’t understand why you’d need to do this though.

Hello man I mean maybe after a calculation of kangaroo I got only some segments of the hex cell, after the calculation how can I get the six sides of hexagons to apply boundary surface.

For kangaroo you can use the ‘Show’ component to pass your polylines through, with entwine and explode to keep the paths separate.
This way you can do the physics on the lines without duplicate segments, but still access the original plotlines in the result.

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I was checking with hex exploited and no the initial grid Thank u daniel.