Herringbone Gears - need some help

This looked simple in the beginning and became a 3rd version with still more problems (not as bad as the first version disabled in my model.

The lines offset to the main gear line (divisions in teeth) defining the gears are not going where they are supposed to…

First model (top left) wasn’t ‘parallel teeth’. This one (bottom left) make them parallel (not sure it’s wanted but for the exercise…)

So where did i go wrong?

Herringbone gear.gh (36.8 KB)

Im designing the shape first, not the ‘should be like this’ gear design. Still have lots to read on wiki…

Check this

Herringbone gear BVR re.gh (33.1 KB)


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Rewrote it and now you can dial the different diameters (why did i want to scale?)

Fixed the intersections but can’t find how to extrat the piece of ray between the teeth extremities…
But i have an offset problem for the outer gear (a difference in radius obviously)…

Went the radial way, easier to make the lines but intersections dont match, and can’t get the ‘every’ other gear yet culling.

Herringbone gear 2.0.gh (48.0 KB)

Thanks! Another way of doing it!

I couldn’t get you. Can I have some clear explanation


Radial offset! Thanks! Seen it before… I meant curve array…