Heron Mapbox Vector

Hi @Brian_Washburn,

Thank you for the beautifull plugin. I have one question/wish regarding the Mapbox vector component.
When for a site more tiles are needed the fields of each tile are not necessarily the same. The Heron component however outputs just one tree with fields for all tiles. This makes it difficult to pair key/value sets.

It would be nice if for each tile a different field set is generated. The same issue happens with the “Import vector” component. Although this is solvable by using a separate component for each tile, the problem is more or less the same.
importvectortiles.7z (250.9 KB)

Hi Erik,
Thanks for pointing out this bug! I will make sure to output field sets per tile in the next release in the Mapbox Vector component.

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Hi Erik,
I’ve updated the MapboxVector field output to be per tile in Heron v0.4.0. Let me know if this works.

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for changing this. This saves a lot of working around! :grinning:
Checking the updated components I just found one Issue:

  • When there are, for some reason, no values available this part of the tree is removed from the value list. It would be nice if the tree structure of the fields would match the trimmed tree structure of the values.

This issue came up with the following settings:

  • Point of interest: Bourboomweg 26, Burdaard
  • Zoomlevel: 18
  • Boundary: boundingrectangle of a circle with a radius of 300 meters.

In the mean time I will use the get tree branch component:

Hi Erik,
I’m trying to reproduce this on my end, but I’m seeing 6;6 and 6;7. Can you post your GH definition?

EDIT: I was able to reproduce the issue on my end and I think I’ve found the problem. Some features in Mapbox tiles have fields but no values or geometry. As can be seen in this table from QGIS, apparently there are 69 features in the “building” layer of the tile, but only 9 with valid geometry. I’m not sure why Mapbox is pushing out empty features, but I’ve think I’ve fixed the bug in the MapboxVector component. It will be available in the next release.

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@Brian_Washburn thank you for sorting this out.
In the mean time the workflow with “get tree branch” works perfect for me.