Help with viewport details V6

Greetings all,
I have been using Rhino for over 15 years, and bought V6 last year.
I watched some of the online tutorials then, but had no real use for CAD until now.
By the way You Rhino guys reall knocked my socks off with this release, Its just amazing.

I do pole barn drawings, decks and garages for a local builder. I do the actual building in model space, all the 2 x 4, trusses, footings etc,
This approach helps me and the builder to position windows, doors etc to minimizes extra lumber, and avoid construction mishaps.

While this detail is useful I still have to make a set of drawings for permits, banks etc.
V6 makes this process so much nicer, and I have a question about the new wondrous power of the V6 drafting tools.

For example I have an isometric detail view of a deck corner. 6 x 6 coming up, 2 x 8 framing, and I would like to cut away a piece of one of the 2 x 8’s to show a connection details. In the past I would use a cutting plane, slice and hide in detail.

This works but leaves a line in the model and the rest of the views that this board shows up in.
So is there a way to make a portion of a polysurface disappear w/o cutting it in the viewport window?


Maybe try using clipping planes instead? You can select which details it affects in the property panel.