Help with two way flowing nurb form

I was hoping to get some input on how I could better create the attached roof. The filled image is using loft between two curves created using grasshopper, however this only works smoothly in one direction, what i am hoping for are nurbs curves flowing in two directions so the bottom of each intersection is a rounded bowl. I’m sure there is a simple method I am missing. Was hoping for some help.

Hi Ash - can you post what you have? I’m not clear about where or if, you want hard corners - do you have an image of the desired shape? In any case, I think I’d do this by making one unit and arraying it, assuming they are all the same.


181211_3dRoof.3dm (193.9 KB)
Hi Pascal
The splines have been attached. No hard corners at all as per the attached image. Thanks


I would model just the highlighted surface(second image), rest is just matchsrf and filletsrf.

Extract just the curves necessary for this block and use interpcrv and match.