Help with simple telesopic joint example

I could use some help with a simple IK setup. I am trying to set up multi section telescopic mechanism. But for whatever reason I am not doing it correctly. An example with 3 or 4 nesting / telescoping sections would be helpful.

Something like this?
Telescope.3dm (92.4 KB)

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Beautiful example. Thanks. The tripping point for me is the last section of
the telescope. If the motion desired is a simple linear move I try to just
animate the last section and expect IK movement of the rest of the chain.
But it needs the constraining object at the end.

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Right you are. Moving the last section will only make it move away from its parent.
Maybe take a look at the video on our website Around min 1 the “generation gap” is illustrated.

When you just need a linear movement obviously you can replace the curve by a point and let it simply move up and/or down.