Help with simple edge scaling problem

Hello and thanks for any help. I am new to Rhino - this is a simple leg for 3-d printing. I drew the side and extruded it to 1-1/2" I need to expand (scale) the top so that the 1-1/2" dimension is 1-7/8" - a 1 d scale.

I know this is a edge scale command - the program refuses to work as it says that the two edges - in face every edge at the top of the leg- are not linear. The model has no naked edges.

here is the filefurniture leg.3dm (53.2 KB)

Hi Victoria- in V4 this is hard to do on the thing as a joined object- V5 does it OK. In V4, I think I would scale the entire thing and then cut it with an angled line that passes through the original base of the object.


furniture leg_PG.3dm (84.0 KB)

Pascal thank you so very much - using the two tilted planes and boolean divide worked well.