Help with simple command crash, Rhino 5 for Mac Trial Version


I recently downloaded the Rhino 5 for Mac Trial Version and I keep running into the problem that some of my files suddenly crash with even the simplest of commands. It seems that often, when files seem to be working fine, the command that triggers this is the rectangle command (both typed and selected from menu). After that I either have to restar completely or it will take up to one minute for Rhino to work again, only this time any other command will make it crash again. The thing is, the files I’ve been working on are very simple files: everything is 2D and they’re not particularly heavy (around 15 MB). I am desperate since once this happens it seems that the files become corrupt, as I’ve been trying to open them in Rhino for windows and they begin to crash there too. Additionally, every time Rhino crashes it seems to utilize all of my computer’s power, since other programs and applications become very slow too!

I installed the update in the hope that it would fixed the problem, but the same issues persist.

Please help! Thank you!

Are you able to share the file?

What is the best way to share it? Is it possible to upload files to the forum?

You can use the 41%20PM button at the top of the reply to upload the file. If the 3dm is very large, Dropbox (or similar) can be used.