Help with setting up viewpoints for cubemap images

Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to do render 6 images from my model to use for a cubemap setting.

I understand for a cubemap i have to use the coordinates as below, however i’m unable to find such an option in Rhino 7. Is anyone able to help me out?
Thank you

Front: 0,0,0
Back: 180, 0, 0
Left: 270, 0,0
Right: 90, 0, 0
Top: 0, 90, 0
Bottom: 0, -90, 0

Let’s say i have this front view

How do i go about setting up the various coordinates in such a scenario?

Hello - do you mean camera coordinates? You can set these explicitly in Properties; using NamedViews will help a lot in keeping track of the views once you set them… not sure I am on the right track though for what you are asking.


Hi Pascal, Yes i tried it, but the issue is that the coordinates are in units such as meters, so if i input in Back(180,0,0), the model would be at a X coordinate of 180m. But the coordinates i would like to change are just the angles, so that the camera faces 180 degrees behind without changing the Y and Z coordinates. I hope i explained it clearly.

I see - indeed you need to set coordinates in World coordinates - these are not the angles of course

A simple way to visualize this may be to make reference lines friom the desired camera target location of whatever length you want the camera to be. Say from 0,0,0 to 0,0 20 (= looking down from +ZAxis, 20 units away) or 0,0,0 to 20, 0,0 (= looking from the + X axis back to the origin, 20 units away) etc etc. But you can set those coordnates directly in Properties.


If you are able to use Grasshopper, the Heron add-in available from the package manager now has a Cubemap From View component that takes a plane as input for the way to determine the location and orientation the camera. It is meant more for shaded view display modes, but the code for it which can be found here might help with what you are attempting. Note setting the lens length to 12 for the Rhino camera seemed to be the right number for cubemaps. The Horster Grasshopper add-in may also be of use.

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Thanks Brian. I am actually quite new to Grasshopper. Your Heron add-in, cubemap from view component works well!

I’m able to generate the cubemap perfectly.

  1. Just a few questions, can the red x be disabled?
  2. Do you know how i can use the script you have sent in the link to place the camera angles, so instead of saving it as a cubemap image, the script is able to create the 6 perspectives viewports in Rhino 7?

I’m glad Heron worked for you! I believe that red x you are seeing is either the point associated with your input plane or the plane itself. In either case, you can right-click and turn off preview for all the components and it should not appear in the final cubemap.

The attached C# script modifies the code I linked to previously to simply create in the rhino doc named views for the 6 directions. (6.5 KB)

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Hi Brian!
Thank you so much, it works perfectly!! It is extremely appreciated! It’s quite a big milestone for what i’m working on and i’ll be sure to thank you for the script you sent :slight_smile:
I would like to add also i have modified the code to use the lens as 35mm as it seems that 12mm lens is too focused and causes the images to overlap each other in the views captured. I will probably add a run button as well just for quality of life.
Thank you so much for the code!

Hi there, I am sorry, I really have only very basic gh knowledge, I am getting the following error:

  1. Error (CS0246): The type or namespace name ‘DisplayModeDescription’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) (line 137)
    Any hints, please?