Help with Rhino recreation (R7)

I have an assignment where I need to recreate on Grasshopper the TECLA house…
Photos are below! I am very new at grasshopper and don’t even know where to start, help please!

Here’s some thoughts on how to get started:

  • If you just want the basic massing, use metaball.
  • you can get thickness with offset
  • you can get the opening by cutting them using trim/split/difference.
  • if you want the texture, maybe contour, divide curve, then move the points outward with graphmapper, then loft the interopolated curve.

Side note:
The community isn’t really here to do your assignment for you, the kind of questions that are usually answered are ones where you’ve already started something, and is only asking for help on something specific.

If you’re not even at the level where you know how to start, I think you need to start by having discussions with your tutor/TA, they are being paid to teach you after all.

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