Help with Rhino install on new laptop

I’m traveling outside the US on business and need to load Rhino 4 on a new laptop. I have my Rhino 4 license key on hand but I don’t have an old Rhino 1,2 or 3 CD with me to complete the installation process. I downloaded Rhino 4 from here:

Is there any way to load Rhino 4 without a previous build on my new laptop? Thanks in advance.

Yes. But if your Rhino 4 is an upgrade license, you will need a CD key for a version 3 or earlier of Rhino, you will be asked for it during installation. (towards the bottom of the page)

This is for Rhino 5, but same applies for Rhino 4:

If it still doesn’t work, contact directly.

HTH, --Mitch

Thanks for the timely reply. My Rhino 4 was an upgrade license. If I call home for the Rhino 3 key will I still need a CD? The installer prompts for a CD drive letter…

Been a long time since i installed a V4, but I seem to remember you don’t need the CD. The installer should prompt for a key or just to insert the disc (if you have one), but I don’t recall it asking for a drive letter

@Rodri - if you’re there, can you clairfy?


The installer keeps prompting for a drive letter. No option to input a Key. Frustrating.

@Helvetosaur @L_J

A Rhino 4 upgrade needs either a physical disk, or an existing previous installation.

Only Rhino 5 installers will let you skip the above and just enter the licence key.

A possible solution for you would be then to install Rhino 3 (I’m assuming you have the licence key, ask our sales desk if you lost it). I’m sending you a download link for Rhino 3 on a private message.

So you get to this screen and you enter your V4 key, and then it asks you for a drive letter?

In any case the installer you downloaded doesn’t work at all here on my Win 8.1, I had to navigate to the temp folder where the program extracted to, find the installer .msi and run that…


Ahh, I thought that was already possible in V4, sorry… --Mitch

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Many thanks again for the support. There is something wrong with that link…site can’t be reached…

I’m trying another one… ; )


It’s mind numbingly slow. I’m trying to VPN to that link. Getting 10k speeds at best…looks like a couple of days download from this banana republic…

The download just quits around 2mb.

that’s the second one I sent you, right?
not sure if I can me of much help… : /

that’s the second one…can’t seem to get beyond 2mb on the download. It’s terribly slow too…

25k now. Really flying…1h35m download…

it’s a S3 server (amazon), I tried here and the download is fast and stable … unfortunately I don’t know why that wouldn’t work for you.
send me your e-mail address in a pvt message and I’ll try an alternative method for you.