Help with Rendering brass material

Hi, rendering is usually something I don’t normally do so go easy on me. I am having trouble finding settings that combine the soft shadows of Skylight and the hard lighting of straight render. I want the brass to look, like the flat shaded image below.

But the rest of the shading to be soft as in this Skylight render, note the washy brass effect I am trying to get rid of and no shadow from the handle.

As I said, rendering isn’t something I normally do.

If you don’t want to go much into rendering, just cut out the brass parts from the top rendering, if you like the look of those and paste them into the bottom rendering, if you like the shading of that one.

I Think what you want is called passes. But I am not a good render person as well.
I did a simple composit of both pictures in gimp just select the part you want from one , inverse the selection and delete(make sure you have an alpha channel on the layer, right click on the layer )
and move it to the top of the layer stack (1001.5 KB)

Thanks everyone, I had sort of hoped you could render layers differently than have to cut and paste. I will investigate passes ?

You may find this useful for your purpose Render Mask

It’s in Slovak but I think you can glean the gist of it.

Good luck!