Help with patching small hole in object for 3D Printing

Hello all-

I am having some trouble patching this somewhat shoddily built model, I’m down to just a 2 or 3 naked edges. Can anyone give me a pointer? I just want a manifold volume for 3DP right now, otherwise I would probably extract a lot of these surfaces and rebuild.
Here’s a screenshot:

here’s the file:
forum.3dm (1.0 MB)

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There is a little sliver of a surface were your naked edges are. Extract that, then join up, and you are left with a small hole that can be filled with edgeSrf (that will work in a pinch if you don’t intend to rebuild the area to make it “nice” but at least closed)


Extract the sliver using ExtractSrf, then- what do you mean by ‘join up’? join it to adjacent surfaces? Or delete the sliver and join everything else, then patch it with EdgeSrf?

Dear Revel

there are many unnecessary edges and a lot of small surfaces.
i recommand to remove them from the polysurface:
(without copy-Option … all the small stuff - red in the screenshot)
then delete them

now redraw a circe with 3 Points
(build a new “ring”-surface)
that new ring to the main Polysurface

now to rebuild the planar area use
but becareful with cap - read the commandline / history
it should claim “one cap created” or similar

resulting in this file:

forum_solved.3dm (4.0 MB)

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The latter worked- Thanks!

The right way to do it! Appreciate this- it was what I was searching for but somehow couldn’t bring myself to do.