Help with my Macro


Seeing if anyone can see look at my macro.

! -_Patch _Pause _PointSpacing=1 _USpans=30 _VSpans=30 _Stiff=3 _Enter
_Smooth _SmoothFactor=0.5 _Enter

I want the macro to just Patch and Smooth the surface without prompting me to ask for smooth factor. Not sure what term to use. Any help appreciated! Thanks!

And also is there an index or resource that tells all the available Rhino macro terms? When I have an idea to create a macro I often find it challenging to figure out what terms to use to move the macro forward. Thanks

! -_Patch _Pause _PointSpacing=1 _USpans=30 _VSpans=30 _Stiff=3 _Enter
-_Smooth _SmoothFactor=0.5 _Steps=2 _EnterEnd

see here

Thanks for the macro and also for the link. However the link says theres an error.

if very strange, the link is correct, a moment ago worked

I will try again later. Probably a problem on the sites end then!