Help with modeling razor (HOMEWORK close to deadline)

I’m new here, so hello.
I have trouble modeling the body of the razor, I need to model just the basic shape of it.
Only thing I came up with is to try to recreate sections and than loft it, but’s too imprecise and sloppy when I do it.
I’m kind of very close to deadline, so I would be grateful if anyone answers soon. Any ideas? Have in mind that I’m just a beginner

This is a complex design so the best approach is to first look at modeling the overall form(s) without the grip textures. I’d model half the form along the long axis using NetworkSrf with History enabled. The setup of your curves will be crucial but after the general form is in place, you can begin splitting out areas for the grip texture and material breaks.

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You forgot to say “shouldn’t have left it so long”.


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