Help with method that results in bool

Sorry for my ignorance.
What is a method like this for?

Rhino.Geometry.Mesh.Compact(Mesh) -> bool

There are other examples…

Rhino.Geometry.Mesh.UnweldVertex -> bool

Docs say; returns true on success, false on failure.

Documentation can be found here

in general, when a method only returns a boolean True or False, it means that the method does not return something in the form it operates on, but modifies the thing it operates on and just returns whether it has succeeded (True) or failed (False). Some methods return both a boolean and other stuff.


The method returns True. But how to modify the mesh?

Hi Pasini
mesh2 is the already modified mesh.

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As I understand it, the method will only work if I recreate the mesh.

Thanks Natuto!!!

It works.
Must be used when recreating the object.