Help with materials!

I can’t turn my Rhino6 normal. Please help.

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?? how can i change it

Change what? You need to give us a better explanation of what you are looking to change. What is “normal” to you? Is it the color of the material or…?

Do you use Rhino 6?? You would know if you used it.

My tools are fucked. It doesnt look the same after a project I did. I changed its setting but I can’t find what. A normal toolbar should look like this:


When I upload her project, I can’t see the textures…

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Please use polite language.

It looks to me like most of your panel tabs are closed - these:

You can open them again by right clicking on a tab and checking the boxes you want. You had 16 of them open, default is only 5…


The rest looks normal, in the default version, on the Properties tab, under the Materials sub-tab I see this: