Help with making geometry less complex?

Im not sure how to word it, but is there anyway to make this less noisy. Keep the same shape n all but less lines.

Im unable to put the file here because its too large.

Hi Thomas - - you can ExtractSrf and Rebuild that top face to a simpler structure, Untrim it, then ExtendSrf the sides up through it, then Trim each with each. More than that I can’t say without the file - you can send to with a link back here in your comments.


When I extractsrf it doesn’t allow me to select the surface. I will try to link through email

Hi Thomas - if the surfaces are not joined up, skip the ExtractSrf part.


I skipped that part and it’s still kinda unclear on whats going wrong with it. I am going to try the email route. How do I link it back here

Rhino NEW ONE USE THIS.3dm does this one work?

Rhino NEW ONE USE THIS.3dm Does this one work?

My recommendation is to archive the file inside WinRAR or WinZIP, then it will get considerably smaller and you could upload it here.

Thomas, is it just a visual issue, such as turning off isocurves in display? —-Mark

Hi Thomas -Try:
Ungroup your objects.

Rebuild the top surface:

Untrim one of the verical surfaces and DupEdge to top and bottom, delete the surface


Move (Gumball works well) the top curve up slightly above the rebuilt ‘roof’

Loft the curves.

Trim the new loft and the roof with one another.