Help with Linetype in the properties window

In the properties window I have the icons for texture mapping, material creation and used to have linetype edit as well. Now I don t have it anymore. How can I bring it back ?


Linetype edit is in the document’s options.

I know it s in the document option but that s not my question. Here s an image to better explain.

Look a little below where you circled. There is a linetype dropdown, with that you can change linetypes. If you want to create new ones, you need to do so in Document Properties>Annotation>Linetypes.

HTH, – Mitch


No, that s not it , i m fully aware of that one. There used to be in the properties window a menu that allowed me to change the scale of my linetypes instead of going in the document properties every time. I m pretty sure I had it before but now I cannot find it anymore.

It s like the dimensions options that I can change in the properties window once I select a dimension it appears in the properties window.
I know you can do the same with the linetype.