Help with flowing objects along a surface

ok So I’m trying to model a vase and I got that done but now I need to put a patter of objects to flow around it
iv used network curve which gives me a model that has 1,900 polygons and I used revolve along rail which gave me a vase model that hase 467 polygons…

I can flow across the networked curve but I want to flow across the revolved model because its less taxing on the system for my game and I don’t need that much detail for a rather simple vase but it only recognizes the surface segments individually on the revolved model which only allows me to flow the objects on that specific surface segment which is tinyHlpDaFLow.3dm (4.6 MB)

though idk why the file size is so big for a rather small model… anywho any suggestions?

Rhino file size can be all over the place. Don’t sweat it. Thats why we buy big harddrives :sweat_smile:. Keeping track of polys in rhino can be a bit surprising and I wish you the best of luck. I made a second single surface that follows your faceted revolve by tracing in right view with an interpolated curve. You can flow along this surface.

HlpDaFLow - Alex.3dm (8.0 MB)

thanks a lot