Help with enmesh

I was experimenting with enmesh but was not able to make it work.

I created a plane and a “reference object” as per the VRAY Help.
I converted the reference object to a mesh.
I then selected the plane, called the enmesh function on the geometry tab in the asset editor.
I then added the “reference object”
I was not able to see the enmesh effect.

What am I doing wrong, and what don’t I understand about this function?

thanks in advance.

Enmesh Test Base Object.3dm (195.9 KB)

Did you start a rendering to see the effect? Should it be shown on the Rhino viewport?

Yes, I was unable to observe any effects of Enmesh in the VFB.



I don’t know how to use the new feature, but I did some tests now. Important: it’s not working in GPU mode. In CPU mode I can see it working, but I need to learn to control it. So, it works, but I’m not sure how. :wink:

Hey, You got farther than I did!!! Many, many thanks. I was feeling very stupid. Can you tell me what the requirements are for the base object and the reference object? I assume the reference object must be a mesh (correct?). Also, what is the proper workflow to apply the enmesh object?



I started a new test from the scratch and anything works like expected. :slight_smile:

Here step by step:

Also I found that rotating the mesh object allow to rotate all mesh objects of the Enmesh. The source mesh is connected to the pattern and the orientation is used.