Help with Drape Command

Hello, Im new to using this drape command and was wondering why everytime I try to drape something it signficantly elongates below the cplane, I wanted it to lay flat on the red line that I indicated

There are two ways to do this. One is via command line options, set the AutodetectMaxDepth to No, and the MaxDepth parameter to something between 0 and 1. Setting it to 0.5 for example will (in principle) stop halfway through the total height of all the objects that Drape passes over.

I find this somewhat hard to control however, so I prefer method #2:

Leave the AutodetectMaxDepth at Yes (default) and simply draw a large plane surface through or behind the objects at the depth you would like the drape to stop. Any drape points not hitting one of the other objects will fall on the plane and the drape will stop there.