Help with Dividing Curves by an incremental step with an Attractor Point

I’m looking to divide a curve incrementally using an attractor point. I have the script working except for the incremental step… I’m able to divide the curve based on the distance the center point of the curve is from the attractor point but this doesn’t give me a clean stepping as I increase the number of curves.

I’ve attached two images of my two resulting geometries along with the script with both options. Let me know if I need to describe anything further.

180218_Stepped (32.9 KB)

Does this work for you?

180218_Stepped (38.7 KB)


Shit yeah! that works haha. You also made those components a hell of a lot more organized than what I had. Thank you!

One additional question though…where it meets in the middle at the point could we have it so each row is never divided the same? so we don’t have blocks sitting directly on top of one another.

Nevermind! I figured it out!

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thanks for the quick reply!

Hey, I have another question for you if you have some time. I’m trying to do something a bit different from before and that is to do a stepping block tower option. I’ve attached an image to reference.

I’d like to do it similar to the option before with the boxes & spaces between the boxes.

any thoughts on the approach I should take to do this?

There might be several ways to do this…

180218_Stepped (14.7 KB)

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